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Bali is a place of tourism in Indonesia is very beautiful, with large islands of about 5561 Km square .With customs and unique culture make Bali as Indonesia's main attractions. Bali has a cultural tourism objects and natural attractions. Cultural tourist objects such as dance and music. and natural attractions are, beach sanur, kuta beach, Lake Kintamani, Lake Batur, Sangeh, Bedugul, Trunyan, Tanah Lot and much more.

Music is one of Balinese culture which is very beautiful for the listen. combination of traditional instruments that play together that makes a harmonious rhythm as the song or dance accompanist. Music equipment in use such as: Gamelan, Angklung and bamboo flutes and many more.

bali carnival

Bali dance is the main element in Balinese culture as a culture but also as a means of Bali people pray to God, Bali dances is very exotic and full of mystical, at the time the show used to impress the audience because many peculiarities and uniqueness of performance. the famous Bali dances such as Barong, Pendet, Kecak, Legong, and much more. If you come to Bali is not complete if you do not watch the show one of the dance among Balinese dances.

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Clothing regions
Bali real clothes vary widely, although briefly looks the same. Each area in Bali has a symbolic and characteristic ornaments, based on activities / ritual, gender and age of its users. Social and economic status a person can be identified based on fashion and style of jewelry ornaments she wore.
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